10 Things You Should Not Forget When Throwing A Party

Planning a party is fun and all, but there can be times when you accidentally forget something. Not communicating your needs and getting the right things from party tent rentals can become a problem. So, to save yourself from that embarrassing “oops” moment. here are some things that you absolutely cannot forget about, when hosting a party.

Toilet Paper

Sounds pretty simple and you might even choose to not get any because there is “plenty in the house”. However, don’t make that mistake. You’ll be surprised to see how much people use toilet paper, especially at parties. Whether it’s food napkins or toilet paper for the bathroom, you need to have plenty, so that you don’t run out of them, especially when someone needs it.

Toilet paper and paper napkins are also quite easy to use and discard and you won’t have to sacrifice your beautiful and fluffy towels. They’re also sanitary and just overall an essential in parties. So, if you’re hosting a party anytime soon, then don’t forget to shop and stock some good old toilet paper, because once people start to use them, they will disappear fast.

Garbage Bags

Cleaning up after a party can seem pretty daunting and that’s because people don’t prepare in advance. This is why garbage bags are essential for any party or massive gathering. There will be a lot of litter in the form of plastic cups, paper plates, disposable utensils, and ruined décor, so you need to have a large dumping ground for all of these things.

Instead of using your small dust bin and overfilling it, use a couple of garbage bags and have everyone throw stuff in it instead. It’s an instant clean-up and all you have to do, at the end of the day, is to toss it out for garbage disposal and you’ll be good to go.

So, always make sure that you have garbage bags on hand for the party, because they’re super nifty and useful around the house and anything that makes cleaning easier, is always a winner in after-party shenanigans.


Even though you might have opted for finger foods and grab-and-go meals for the party, it’s still important to have plastic utensils for everyone. It’s not smart to pull out the silverware for a simple party, especially if it’s a kid’s birthday party.

Not only is it a hazard for the kiddos, but they are also hard to keep track of. Make your life simple and grab a large bag of reusable plastic utensils. They’re safe, you won’t miss them if you lose them and they’re washable too, so there’s nothing better than these bad boys.


This is another brilliant idea for kid parties because they’re never careful with glass plates and bowls and let’s be real; no one has enough plates in their house to feed an army of guests. So, don’t forget about paper plates, bowls and cups. These are also disposable, you can reuse them and they’re a hit among kids since there is no hazard of breaking or shattering.

Paper plates are also available in quite a quantity, so you can use them for more parties to come. They’re hassle-free, there’s no commitment to any catering service and they’re easy to toss into the trash when you’re done. The best part? There’s no need to do any dishes! What could be better than this?

Ice – Lots Of It

A lot of people will misunderstand the power of ice. You can’t ever have enough ice for any party in your freezer. You’ll end up needing way more than you need. So, be smart, and instead of putting the burden on your poor freezer, buy bags of ice from the grocery store. You can use it whenever someone needs a cool drink or you can use the bags as ice packs if your refrigerator decides to break down on you.

The Seating

A lot of the time, people don’t think about the seating arrangement for the guests. If it’s a house party, then this is even more important to consider, because your house isn’t big enough to accommodate everyone, without you being a bit creative.

This is where you need to think about the space and getting some extra chairs or just taking the party out in the backyard is an even better option. The last thing you need is for everyone to sit crowded in a small room. It’s time to get creative and give everyone a comfortable and entertaining party. If required, get the services of party rentals Northern VA.

Giving Directions

This is also something that people can forget about. Aside from a few people who know your house or the venue where you’re hosting the party, you need to give proper directions to the rest of the people coming.

Finding a place or house at the last minute can be frustrating, so directions will be lifesavers in this situation. If you have the guests’ numbers, then add them to a group chat and send the directions to the venue of your party. People will appreciate this little gesture and you won’t be scrambling with your phone trying to tell everyone where the party is being hosted.

Common Courtesy

Parties can be hard to plan and sometimes, you just want to be left alone, because all of this planning and hosting gets overwhelming. Well, while that’s understandable, you still don’t want to pass up on the opportunity to be nice to the guests.

Go out of your way to introduce yourself and make small talk. That’s the least you can do for the people who took time out of their day and came to your party. Being thankful and thoughtful throughout the party will only do wonders for you, later on. It will also make your party better.

Allergies And Dietary Requirements

This is also something that you need to keep in mind if you don’t want your party to turn into a disaster. Different guests have different dietary requirements and some might even have severe food allergies.

As a host, you must have some allergy-friendly options available for them and also have allergy warning signs for dishes that could be a potential allergy hazard for people. It’s not much, but people will know which food options to go for and which ones to avoid, at the party and this little thing can prevent your party from turning into a full-blown medical emergency.

Cleaning Up Beforehand

Even though it sounds pretty obvious, most people can forget about this simple and crucial party planning tip. On the day of the party, before the guests start flocking in, you need to make the space look spotless.

You need to clean around the house to ensure that everything is clean and sparkling because the last thing you need is hosting a party with dirty and unkempt surroundings. So, don’t be that person whose house will be remembered as a pile of dirt and make an effort to clean up the place for a compliment-worthy party.


Parties are not complete without proper décor planned with the help of tent rentals Clarksburg and delicious food, but these things are just as important too. So, don’t forget to include them in your list too.

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