10 Ways To Improve Your Corporate Event

Organizing an event can be a challenging job as you will be responsible for how the event goes. So, it will require you to plan carefully, hire the correct people and party rentals, and look for ways to improve your event. Therefore, we will walk you through the best things for improving your corporate event.

Set The Goals

Corporate events are held for a purpose so you and your team should be clear about why the event is being held and the goals you need to achieve with the event.

Events are held with various goals in mind. An event can be for education, information sharing, getting the desired behavior, introducing new leadership or motto, celebrating, employees or customers, introducing new products or services, sports event, etc.

Meet the stakeholders and understand the purpose of the event so you can correctly hold the event for meeting the goals. Use the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) strategy for achieving the goals of your event. To elaborate more:

  • You should know the goal.
  • The goal should be measurable. For example; 100 new customers.
  • The goal should be realistic so it’s attainable.
  • Relevancy is also important. The goal must be relevant to other goals you achieved and want to achieve.
  • You set a target date for the goal.

Create Three Budgets

The event holders or your company care the most about how much was spent on the event so getting the budget right is critical to avoid any surprises in the end for the event holders.

To get an actual idea of how much you will be going to spend, you should create three budgets. The first one is the base budget and the other two should be the best-case and worst-case budgets. You should keep room for unexpected factors in the budget. So, add 10% more to the total amount of each budget.

After making the budgets, break down and give preferences to features and factors that are the most impactful for the event’s goal. For instance, if décor is taking more budget than the speakers, you should be reducing the décor elements because the impact of speakers may align better with your event’s goals.

The Venue Should Impress The Attendees

When organizing an event on a budget, many people hastily try to book a cost-effective venue. A cheap venue will save costs, but on many occasions, it will fail to impress the attendees. The selection of a venue is more important if your event is oriented toward your partners and customers.

Other than the appearance of the venue, you should also focus on the venue’s capacity, tools and tech available in the venue, staff, menu, and other factors. Moreover, make sure that the venue is accessible and easy to travel to for the attendees. This is because these factors also contribute to making an attendee satisfied with an event.

Make The Event Relevant To The Attendees

When you have the goal and budget, transform them into an engaging and entertaining event for your attendees. For this, determine who your attendees are. They can be your partners, potential leads, customers, and employees.

Your attendees are investing their time into the event so you should give them value for their time. So, consider what your attendees need and shape the event so it covers the requirements of your audience and the probable questions they will want to ask.

How to know the behavior and needs of your in-person event’s audience? Take data from the event holders about the audience, analyze the events held by the competitors, and send a pre-event survey to the guests.

Your pre-event survey should have questions like what was the motivation behind signing up for the event, questions you would want to be answered, which speakers will excite you, which food would you like, and similar questions that show the interests of the attendees.


For new planners, you should know that you won’t be able to do everything yourself. This is why you need a team that you can rely on. If you’re a business holding an event, make sure to hire a planner or make up a team including party tent rentals Clarksburg who have some experience with organizing an event.

Many event organizers who are also the host of the event try to handle every small detail on their own. Due to this, they don’t find enough time on their hands to spend time with their guests and exchange useful information.

Ensure Clear Communication With Your Team

When you delegate tasks to your team, there should be seamless and clear communication with your team about what should be done, when it should be done, who should do it, and how to do it.

Clear roles and designations of your team will improve their productivity and they will handle unexcepted situations in a better manner.

To ensure this, have an open communication channel with your team. This will give them the space and opportunity to pitch new ideas, ask questions, clear doubts, make the event smoother, and more.

Make RSVP Easier For Your Potential Guests

To prevent the mishap of receiving more guests than you planned for, you should make RSVP simple for everyone you invite to the event. This will give you a better attendee count and you will be able to plan the event more easily.

You can use the approximate average of how many invited people attend an event which is 60%, but getting a clearer number is much better. So, include an RSVP button in your invite emails. You can go with simple YES and NO buttons which will give a good estimate of the guests coming to your event.

Plus, make sure to send the invites as early as possible. In many cases, you should send the invites months before the event.

Select The Right Date

Your event date should be right for your audience. Different people are busier at different times of the year. Moreover, take note of vacations, international holidays, and other days that may not be suited for your event.

Moreover, you should also keep up with the event your competitors will be holding so you set the date correctly. Try your best to avoid the scenario for your target audience when they have to choose between yours and another event.

After setting the date, make arrangements quickly because you won’t want the venues and professionals booked already for the date that you’ve selected.

On-Site Preparation

After booking the venue, discuss what you want to achieve with the event and how you want it to be done with the venue manager. You should also take advice from them because they may have seen/managed events in the venue before so you may be able to avoid mistakes that others have made.

Rehearse A Month Before The Event

Rehearsing is an excellent method to reveal inconsistencies and make the team better at fulfilling their roles. You should do it a month before so that if you find any issues and things you can improve on, you have enough time to change a few things up and fine-tune things.


Holding a successful event requires planning and dedication. Take help from the above tips and book corporate tents rental Northern VA and other vendors quickly so you have the right team to impress your attendees.

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