How To Use Online Reviews For Business Growth

Online reviews are essential for the growth of every business. Most businesses encourage customers to leave reviews and manage them with a review management system. But you should also learn to use reviews in your marketing strategy for boosting sales.

Ways To Use Online Reviews

Include Reviews In Your Marketing Emails And Newsletters

Email marketing is still effective so include customer reviews in your marketing emails to create trust. Emails are for increasing brand awareness about your business, products, and services. Other than sharing valuable content, updates, and news, you should also list the top reviews of your customers.

This will not only provide customers information and content but increase the trust level of your business.

Don’t hesitate to include reviews in all types of marketing emails like welcome emails, promotional emails, newsletter emails, re-engagement emails, announcement emails, triggered emails, post-purchase emails, abandoned cart emails, and others.

Use your email analytics to check which emails are getting better responses with the inclusion of reviews and build your improve your email + review marketing strategy.

Add Reviews To Your Landing Pages

This is a great opportunity that many businesses are ignoring. It’s a common practice to include reviews on your products and services pages, but it will be as helpful to your business and increase sales if you include customer reviews on your landing pages.

Including reviews that match your targeted keywords can improve the SEO of the page as well making it more visible on search engines. You can include reviews of customers who name your business, a branch, a product or service, or used a similar phrase that you use as a keyword.

However, beware of never making changes in your customer reviews for including keywords. This can impact your business negatively. If it’s a voice testimonial, you can only review unnecessary pauses such as “umm’ and similar words for better readability, but never change the words they have said.

Use Reviews In Your Paid Ads On Google

You pay money to Google for paid ads for increasing traffic to your store or business site and increase sales. What if we tell you that you can make small changes to your paid ads to increase the chances of visitors clicking your ads and visiting your website? Add customer reviews to your ads.

Clickable Reviews

A great aspect of this strategy is that you don’t need to take screenshots of the reviews for including because this practice is suspicious as anyone can write reviews on their own and pose them as customer reviews.

If you have a Google Business Profile and want to run paid ads campaigns on Google, you have the option to include information from the review section of your Google Business Profile. This option doesn’t cost any extra so you can pay the usual amount and use your Google reviews for attracting potential customers to your website.

The reviews you show on the paid ads are live links to the real reviews you received on your Google Business Profile. Visitors can click on the review to be redirected to the real review and your other Google reviews.

Therefore, with this option, you’re exposing your Google Business Profile to more visitors which can lead to increased traffic to your site and more revenue as well.

Improve Your Google Business Profile

To ensure that customers see an excellent Google Business Profile of yours, include all the information that Google asks for. Don’t leave any field empty. Include the business timing, location, contact information, photos of the premises and the products/services, include your business relevant categories, and perform other optimizations.

Reply To Your Google Reviews

Moreover, people who will be interested in seeing your Google reviews will also check your reply to the reviews. Therefore, don’t ignore replying to reviews because it emphasizes that you care about the feedback of your customers.

When responding to reviews, personalize your response to the reviewer, and don’t copy/paste the same reply to all the reviews. The reply should be posted timely. It will show that your business is responsive and takes new reviews into consideration as well.

Moreover, follow the style and vibe of the reviewer. If they posted a short review, you should also keep it short. But if they are enthusiastic about the product or service and explained a lot, you should also follow their vibe and write about that specific product and its benefits.

Plus, include keywords in your reviews where they make sense to boost the SEO of your site, Google Business Profile, and other listings. Never overdo it.

Include Reviews In Your Blog

Your website may have customer reviews already because it’s a common place where every business includes its customer reviews and testimonials. However, you should also think about including reviews in your blog as well.

Blogs are the section on a business website that has useful relevant information. They improve the SEO and authority of your website. Many people will visit your website through the blog so you should waste this opportunity to show them that customers are appreciating your products or services.

Embed Google reviews and reviews from other platforms to increase authority. Moreover, create your marketing funnel keeping this strategy in mind. Also, consider free website design to improve the user experience on your website.

Share Reviews On Social Media

This step is already followed by many businesses. It’s a key step in using customer reviews for brand awareness and impressing visitors. The reason is that when people learn about a brand or product, they also search the brand’s social media channels to know what people are saying about it.

Additionally, social media is used individually by many people for discovering new products and services, so including customer reviews is helpful in this regard as well.

A great method of including reviews on social media is using user-generated content on your social media accounts. User-generated content is anything a user or customer has said about your business or products on social media. You can share a tweet that a happy customer shared, an Instagram photo of a customer buying from your store, and similar content.

Other than showcasing customer reviews from other places on social media, use the review or recommendations section of each social media platform to gather reviews. If you hold a corporate event, you can invite your customers who left reviews to the event.

Value Negative Reviews

You can’t use negative reviews for attracting new customers but are helpful for your business in improving your products and services. Some studies show that negative reviews give credibility to positive reviews. Trustpilot notes that 30% of people think that if a product doesn’t have a negative review, its positive reviews are fake.

All review sites don’t let a business delete negative reviews. You can reply to negative reviews which will show your professionalism and your dedication to solving issues of your customers.

Moreover, replying to negative reviews can help you turn some of them into positive reviews if they were due to a misunderstanding. Therefore, when replying to negative reviews, try to solve the issue of the customer and direct them to contact you so you can better help them fix the problem.


People trust the experience of your customers so take help from the reviews you have received to generate more traffic to your business website. Moreover, use white label review management software to help customers leave reviews and manage them.

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