How To Manage Your Curly Hair

Curly hair dries out and becomes frizzy quickly. Therefore, you should take care of your curly hair to make them shiny and beautiful. There are hair straightening techniques you can consider in a keratin treatment salon to avoid curly hair permanently or follow the below tips to manage your curly hair.

Avoid Shampooing Hair Daily

Curly hair is dry and washing them every day with a shampoo will only increase the dryness in your hair. This is because shampooing cleans hair but it can also reduce moisture in your hair.

Moreover, your scalp produces natural oils but they don’t get to the full length of hair due to their curly nature. Shampooing more will remove the natural oil from the scalp making the situation worse. You can retain the natural oil on your scalp by reducing the frequency of washing your hair. You can go with washing hair every 3 days instead of daily.

If you want to wash your hair daily, don’t shampoo every day and try only conditioning your hair and shampooing every 3 days only.

Choose The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

You should use a shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair. Search for the ones that have natural oils, aloe vera, shea butter, keratin, plant extracts, and hydrolyzed silk.

Additionally, if your hair is very curly, you may also carry out a pre-shampoo routine. In pre-shampooing, you should condition your hair with a conditioner. Using a conditioner before shampooing will reduce the amount of natural oil in hair removed by shampoo. Moreover, you can then apply a conditioner again after shampooing to lock in moisture.

Don’t Blow Dry Your Hair

Blow-drying hair uses heat to remove moisture from your hair. If you have curly hair, you know the importance of moisture for your hair and would not want to let a blow dryer remove it from your hair. Therefore, avoid blow-drying your hair and let the hair dry normally. It’s a natural way to get rid of frizz.

If you use a blow dryer in an emergency, use the best practices like keeping the hair dryer 6 inches or more away from the hair and using a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer for limiting friction and setting it to the lowest settings.

Use Cold Water

Hot water dries out hair which is not ideal for curly hair. So, avoid hot water and use cold water. If you can’t use cold water, use water at room temperature or warm water.

Select The Right Comb

Using a brush for hair leads to hair breakage. Even a narrow-toothed comb can cause curly hair to break. To avoid this problem, use a wide-toothed comb to break up the knots. You can also try combing after cleaning your hair in the shower for this purpose. Many people have found success in combing hair leaving conditioner on hair for less breakage and easy combing.

Apart from when and where you comb your hair, the brush itself has an impact as well. Combs and brushes with plastic bristles aren’t recommended so make sure that the bristles are natural. Moreover, another method to remove knots from hair doesn’t employ a brush but your fingers only. Use your fingers in the same manner you use a brush to comb your hair.

Straightening Hair With Heat

Using a flat iron to straighten is a quick method of straightening hair for a day or a few hours. But take note that a flat iron can damage your hair and strip moisture from it. Before straightening hair, use a heat protectant that has silicone or keratin that can seal your hair and protect it from damage that can be caused by a flat iron.

Trim Hair Often

The ends of the hair are the driest and frizziest parts. So, you should frequently trim your hair to avoid split ends and add bounce to your hair. For most people, trimming hair every 2-3 months is fine, but if you’re seeing more split ends and rough hair, increase the frequency of hair trimming.


Curly can look beautiful and amazing if you care for them. However, if you want to change your look and avoid the extra measures you take for your curly, visit a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville to get straight hair.

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