Why Is My Refrigerator Making Loud Noises And How To Fix It

Refrigerators make a humming sound when functioning and it’s perfectly normal. It can be a cause of concern if you hear loud unusual noises coming from your refrigerator. Some sounds from refrigerators have easy fixes while others require the expertise of an appliance repair technician.

Detect Where The Noise Is Coming From

Generally, the cause of a sound coming from a fridge is a component that is loose or malfunctioning. You can detect which part of the refrigerator is causing this by identifying the source of the sound.

When a refrigerator is making noises, it may appear to be coming from the entire unit, but if you pay close attention, one of the ends or part of the refrigerator will be louder. It means the noise is coming from a component in that part of the fridge.

The Drain Pan Is Loose

If a rattling noise is coming from the bottom of the fridge, it could be a loose drain pan making the noise. The drain pan is a component at the bottom of the refrigerator. An out-of-place or loose drain pan makes noise due to the vibration of the fridge.

You should secure the drain pan in place by removing and putting it back again. If it’s still loose, use duct tape to stop the noise.

The Condenser Fan Is Dirty

A loud humming sound from the back of the fridge can be the condenser fan making a loud noise. A condenser fan is on the back and exterior of the refrigerator near the condenser coils.

A condenser fan helps keep the refrigerator’s exterior cool by dissipating heat from the condenser coils. Over time, dust and dirt build-up on the condenser coils and the condenser fan which can impede the performance of both.

This can put stress on the condenser fan and it starts making loud noises when functioning. Moreover, it can also cause various refrigerator problems.

To fix this problem, you should clean the condenser coils and condenser fan of your refrigerator. After a thorough cleaning, if the issue persists, consult an expert because it might need repair.

Check The Evaporator Fan

A loud humming noise coming from the back of a refrigerator could be due to a problem with the evaporator fan as well. It’s easily confused with a condenser fan when both are two separate components of a refrigerator.

A condenser fan dissipates heat from the condenser coils while an evaporator fan circulates cool air from the freezer to the refrigerator.

In the case of a noisy evaporator fan, the sound will increase if you open the door of the refrigerator, and will appear that the noise coming from the inside of the fridge.

When an evaporator fan is noisy, it can be due to an issue with the refrigerator and simply cleaning the fridge won’t fix the problem. Have the appliance inspected by a professional.

Items Inside The Fridge Are Making The Noise

We mentioned that a rattling or humming noise that increases when you open the fridge door can be due to the evaporator fan. However, sometimes, the culprit is the items placed inside the fridge. If some items aren’t placed properly, they will vibrate with the natural vibration of the fridge making a rattling noise.

You can remove some or all items from the refrigerator to check if the noise was due to the items in the fridge or the evaporator fan.

Dust Buildup On The Compressor

A refrigerator hums constantly when working normally. However, the noise is not too loud that you can hear it in another room. If your refrigerator is making the normal humming sound but it’s louder than normal it’s likely the compressor.

When a compressor is not cleaned for a long time, dust and debris on the compressor increase the job of the compressor and the condenser coils because they have to put more effort into dissipating heat. This results in loud humming.


A light noise is normal for refrigerators, but if the noise is louder or you’re hearing unusual sounds coming from the fridge, try cleaning the unit because it can fix many problems. If the problem persists after cleaning, get in touch with a refrigerator repair Alexandria service.

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