How To Go From Dark To Light Hair Color?

Planning on dyeing your hair? If your hair color is super dark and you want to transition to a lighter color, then you might feel like taking a step back. Don’t though, because there are ways to lighten your hair color, without putting your hair in jeopardy that are best done by hair salons specializing in color. Here are some ways to do this.

Bleach Is The Way To Go

Unfortunately, if you want to lighten your dark hair color effectively, then you’ll need to resort to bleaching it. Bleach is harmful, but it will give you the results you want. The best way to go about bleaching your hair is to do your research first and go for a salon that you know and trust.

If it’s your first time lightening your hair, then it’s not smart to experiment with different and new salons because you will be on edge the entire time. It’s best that you take your time and avoid shocking the hair all at once with a mountain of bleach. You won’t get the desired results and your hair will still be damaged with bleach.

Go Slow

This tip can’t be stressed enough. Dark hair is extremely hard to lighten and if you want to go down that path, then you’re going to have to commit to taking it slow. There are two ways to do this:

First, go for a color that’s only one to two shades lighter than your existing color. Yes, that’s not what you want, but you will have to be patient. Gradually lightening your color, knocking the brightness up by one to two steps is not only going to get you closer and closer to your end goal, without damaging your hair, but it will also prevent the brassy and orange tones in the long run.

Once you’ve done that, you’re going to want to take a break for a couple of weeks. This is so that your hair can recuperate from the damage. After the time is up, you can go for another cut-down appointment and go one to two shades lighter than your existing hair color. In this way, in a couple of months, you’ll reach your desired shade.

The second way: If you don’t want to go too light, but still want to bleach your hair, then take the route with the least possible damage. Don’t jump straight for a cut-down with a potent developer, as it won’t get rid of the natural hair color anyway. Slow and steady wins the race, even in bleaching the mane.

Light Isn’t Cheap

This is something that a lot of women can overlook, especially if they’re going from a dark hair color to a lighter one. Light hair color, especially blonde, is not an easy horse to tame. You’re going to have to invest in products that not only restore the hair color but also deal with the damage and reverse it. Not to mention, you’ll also want to change up your shower products and go for shampoos with toning properties because ashy and brassy hair is not attractive at all.

Most women forget the fact that bleached hair needs more care and maintenance than any other light or dark color because there is damage that you need to restore and then there’s also the debacle of ensuring that the hair color looks even, through and through. So, ladies, before jumping on the blonde bandwagon, make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. And while you’re at it, choose the right hair color and highlights Rockville salon.

Start Now

If you are seriously considering lightening your hair, then you might want to start right now. How is that possible, you ask? Well, things are going to have to start from your shower. Swap out your hair products for lightening products immediately that will do some of the work for you, beforehand.

Of course, you don’t want to blindly purchase anything and put it on your hair willy-nilly. Always consult with your hair stylist or technician and they will give you the best advice, before going forward with bleaching the mane.

Know The Color

Light is a vast umbrella under which a lot of colors can be accommodated. What is the desired color that you want to go for? Do you want to go a few shades lighter than your natural hair color? Do you want to go completely platinum blonde? Or do you want to lighten the existing hair color just a smidge? Are you getting the gist?

You want to define “light” and know what hue you want your hair to display. If you don’t know, then you’ll never be happy with the results.

Maintaining Light Hair

So, you’ve finally achieved the light hair color that you’ve always wanted. Well, now is the time to maintain your mane, so here are some foolproof tips to make the hair color look more vibrant, healthy, and shiny:

Go For A Glaze

A hair glaze doesn’t only make the hair look shiny and feel soft but it also keeps those pesky brassy and orange tones at bay. When transitioning from a dark to light color, brassy and orange tones are inevitable, but a hair glaze will take care of it and make your hair look more even in color for two to three months.

Less Washes

If you want your hair color to look vibrant and not fade away quickly, then this tip will do just that. You want to limit washing your hair. If you normally wash your hair 3 to 4 times a week, then you’ll need to compress it to once or twice a week, max. Also, washing your hair with cold water will impart a luscious sheen to your hair that you will love.

Say No To The Sun

Heat won’t be your best friend, especially after you’ve lightened your hair color. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ever go out in the sun. It just means that you’ll need to protect your hair from the blazing heat and UV rays that could potentially damage the hair and fade the color over time.

Uneven and faded hair color means more touch-ups and that ultimately means more damage, so don’t even think about trying to find out what lies at the end of this dreadful hair equation. Wear a cap wherever you go outside and make sure to put a long pause on the heating tools for a while.

Condition & Replenish

Light hair, especially when it’s achieved artificially, needs to be replenished now and then. Your hair can feel dry, brittle, and lifeless and you certainly don’t want to rock a mane that doesn’t look healthy and full of bounce.

So, invest in damage-restoring products that will bring life back into your tresses and make them shiny and smooth again. You can also try regular oiling and if you want to amp things up, then a hot oil massage will be a haven for your chemically damaged hair.


Transitioning from one hue to another can seem hard, but it’s not if you know the right techniques. And best part is, hair color correction hair salons Rockville can help you immensely.

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