How To Maintain An Electric Furnace?

Electric furnaces have become increasingly popular over the years based on effectiveness and efficiency. They are cheaper to install and run. However, just like other electric appliances, an electric furnace needs maintenance to function properly. You can do it yourself or get it done professionally by furnace services. Here are some tips that will help you keep your furnace in perfect running condition from day one.

Replace The Air Filters

Air filters are a crucial aspect of a perfectly running electric furnace. These filters are specifically designed to trap contaminants and toxicants in the air before the furnace distributes the warmth inside the house. In other words, air filters serve as the lungs of the furnace.

With time, the filters are supposed to become dirty and clogged. In that case, the furnace will struggle to breathe. Not only that, the congestion will cause the furnace to work harder than before to make up for the loss of warm air. If the situation remains ignored, it won’t be long until the components begin heating up and lead to permanent damage.

Therefore, to prevent such a situation is by regularly inspecting and cleaning the air filters. As a general rule of thumb, you should clean the air filters once a month or more depending on the usage frequency. Replace the air filters in every few months or follow the manufacturer instructions in the user manual. Furthermore, consult the user manual and read through the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Depending on the make, model, and variant, your furnace might have multiple air filters. Keeping the filters clean will also ensure the contaminants are not inhaled by your family members. Mind you, these could cause chronic breathing problems as well.

Furnace Blower Fan And Motor Maintenance

Every electric furnace comes with a blower fan. As the term suggests, the fan is designed to blow hot air inside the house. Although blower fans are tough components and will last several years but will sooner or later run into problems. The only way to assess the situation is by turning off the furnace. Ensure that it is turned off from the main power source.

Once you have gained access to the blower fan, rotate it to see if it is rotating freely. If you observe there is slight hesitation or an unusual noise produced as a result, it means something is preventing the fan from rotating properly. You might have to check the motor bearings.

Motor bearings are easily replaceable and will need an expert for repair. However, if the motor itself has developed problems, there is no point in repairing it. If the furnace is under warranty, you can claim it.

On the other hand, examine the blades to ensure they are neither filthy nor broken. While at it, if your furnace comes with pulleys and belts, you should examine that too. A good fan belt will last a year or more depending on maintenance.

Humidifier Maintenance

In addition to the blower motor and other components, an electric furnace also comes with a humidifier. This component helps with low humidity levels causing nose, skin, dry lips, and throat by obtaining optimal wetness in the surrounding air.

All humidifiers work on the same principle. They consist of a sensor that keeps track of humidity levels in the room. That said, the sensor signals the humidifier to turn on if the humidity levels have gone low. Otherwise, as mentioned earlier, you will experience extreme dryness that takes away all the comfort.

Furthermore, humidifiers need water to increase moisture in the indoor air. As such, these humidifiers can also experience problems if they are covered with mold and dirt. Therefore, it is important to look after the humidifier and maintain it at least once a month.

Check The Thermostat

The thermostat is yet another important component inside the furnace that keeps track of the temperature inside the room and forwards the information to the furnace. If the temperature drops below or moves up the desired temperature, the thermostat will signal the furnace to turn on or off accordingly.

If the thermostat runs into a problem, the furnace will remain in a state of confusion. The reason is that it will simply not receive proper signals. As a result, you might experience several types of unusual symptoms like the furnace constantly turning on and off.

Either way, this is a waste of energy and will end you with expensive energy bills. To check if the thermostat is the culprit, you will need to use a multimeter. It may be the case that the thermostat needs calibration. For that, you should hire an expert from HVAC companies Port Jefferson.

If your furnace is old, you should check the wires, batteries, and other related components to find out the root cause of the problem. Make sure thermostat inspection and calibration is made part of regular maintenance to ensure smooth functioning.

Inspect The Heating Elements

Electric furnaces come with heating elements that use electricity to generate heat. This means the heating elements need to be in perfect working condition for your house to be warm and cozy. Unfortunately, heating elements are among the most problematic parts of many furnaces.

There is no guarantee as to when they will malfunction and might give up on you just when you need them. However, the only way to make sure they run for long is by inspecting the heating elements for cracks, burns, or damage. Plus, they might also get loose or broken during maintenance.

Moreover, the heating elements have sequencers and relays that control the heating process. If they malfunction, the heating elements won’t be able to function properly. Therefore, the heating elements don’t need to be always at fault.

Malfunctioning relays, sequencers, or heating elements might make the furnace take longer to achieve the desired indoor temperature. This will result in an increase in your energy bills.

Check The Ductwork

Sometimes, the problem is not with the furnace but with the ductwork. Keep in mind that a furnace will only be as effective and efficient as long as the components related to it are working flawlessly as well. For instance, the ductwork can also hinder the performance of the furnace.

Air ducts distribute heat evenly throughout the house. If the ductwork is old and not maintained properly, do not be surprised if there are leaks or cracks. This could be due to rats, birds, and other intruders finding shelter when the furnace is not in use.

To check for leaks, you will need to personally inspect the ductwork for leaks. If the ductwork is leaking, the warm air will escape even before it reaches the inside of your house. As a result, the furnace will continue working and won’t shut off just because it is being misled about the temperature inside.

Therefore, to fix the cracks, holes, etc. you will need to hire a professional. At the same time, get the ductwork thoroughly cleaned to remove any obstacles.


Electric furnace maintenance does not take hours every day but only a few minutes every week or so to keep it running effortlessly. Moreover, you should also schedule expert maintenance following the manufacturer’s recommendations. You need furnace repair services Huntington for that. Timely furnace maintenance will keep you from complications that not only cost you bills but are also frustrating.

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