Domestic Violence Lawyer: Guide On How To Win A Domestic Violence Case

A domestic violence case is a serious one that can see you facing a jail term. In some cases you may be slapped with a restraining order thus you can’t access your children and the other people that you love. When you are facing these charges you should work with your criminal defense lawyer who will represent you thus increasing your chances of winning the case.

Ways of winning a domestic violence case

In addition to arming yourself with a lawyer, there are many other ways in which you can increase your chances of winning your case. One of the ways of doing it is proving that the other person assaulted you. Due to the gravity of the case and the fact that many people make false accusations against the people they live with in order to punish them, the court gives a lot of weight to evidence when it comes to domestic violence cases. You can’t simply say that you were violated and expect the court to punish the other person.

If you are the victim you should work with your defense lawyer and come up with ways of proving your case. You should put together witnesses and if there is a video made during the incident, present it to court. If you are the one charged with committing the crime you should work with your defense attorney and find the flaws in your case.

If you weren’t the initial aggressor you should use the self-defense argument. Here you should tell the court that you were defending yourself or your children. If the court proves that you weren’t the one who started the commotion you have high chances of winning the case. If there is proof that you started the commotion, you should take the initiative and start attending a domestic abuse program while the case is going on in court. This is a program run by third parties and meant to make you a better person. By attending the program you show the court that you are ready to change your ways which increases your chances of getting a compassionate punishment.

The defense lawyer you hire has a great influence on the chances of you winning your case. As rule of thumb, you should work with an expert domestic violence lawyer who has been handling similar cases for a long time. To have an easy time, ensure that the lawyer has a great personality thus easy to work with.

Ways In Which A Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You

If you have been involved with a domestic violence case to the extent that the police have been involved, experts recommend that you arm yourself with a domestic violence lawyer.  When hiring the professional, you should ensure that he/she is someone that you can trust to keep your secrets as the last thing that you want are your family issues getting to other people.

What a domestic violence lawyer can do for you

The first thing that the lawyer will do is scare the person violating you as they will know that you have a person to advice on what to do. If you are the accused, the lawyer will advise you on the steps that you should take in order to press charges. The professional will guide you in filing a police report and many other things.

Studies show that once a person is violent he/she never stops being violent. The best thing to do when someone violates you is to file for a restraining order. The process can be confusing to a person who has never done it before. The lawyer you hire comes in handy in such a time. The professional will help you in navigating the process and ensure that you get the restraining order as soon as possible.

It’s not uncommon for victims of domestic violence to file for assault. If you opt to go this way, your assault charges attorney will help you in filing for the charges and get the necessary compensation. As mentioned above, a violent person never stops being violent. If you feel that you can no longer live with your spouse, the divorce lawyer will help you in filing for divorce. The lawyer will work at ensuring that your case is heard as soon as possible.


Whether you are the accused or victim of domestic violence you should arm yourself with a criminal defense lawyer. Not only will the professional help you in winning your case, he/she will also provide you with advice on what you should do when you are in different situations. When hiring a lawyer, you shouldn’t hire just anyone you come across. You should take your time to find the right one. As mentioned above, the professional you hire should be someone that you can trust. This means that he/she should be someone of high integrity. The lawyer should also be someone that you can easily talk to. This is to make your interaction easy.

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